Hard Water & Hair Damage

Hard water is the culprit behind many unnecessary financial obligations, none the least of which is personal care. As our tagline suggests, better water results in more bubbles and, in the case of haircare, a better lather and clean from shampoo. Allow us to provide a more detailed explanation.

The results of your hair care routine are directly affected by hard water. The minerals in your water, calcium, magnesium, and iron, are unhealthy for your hair, causing it to be difficult to style and clean. Hard water contributes to the lack of rich foam you feel when applying shampoo and can even affect the level of conditioning you receive from products. Hair follicles are rendered impenetrable by the side effects of hard water and the cleaning process can be less effective as well.

The cost of hard water begins to add up once you consider the implications of an unsatisfactory hair cleansing process. Pricey shampoos, large assortments of styling products, and additional water wasted trying to work up a hearty lather adds up to hundreds of dollars down the drain. By purchasing a water softener, households can save up to fifty percent over the course of a year on hair products, detergents, and cleaning supplies.

Water softeners are an excellent choice for many reasons, including this one. Treated water is better for your health, your home, and your hair! With no build up from hard minerals, your hair will be spared from damage and you’ll have saved extra trips to the hair salon and dull, limp hair. Review our water softener options and take the journey towards soft, healthy hair today. It’s time to make your bubbles bubble again! 

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