Bottle Free Water Coolers

bottle free coolers
Why should you consider switching from a bottle water cooler to one of our specially designed bottle free water coolers?
It is simple, there are so many benefits!

Once you switch over to our bottle free water coolers you never have to worry about running out of water again. Our specialized coolers are optimized to be able to produce the equivalent of 20 five-gallon jugs of water each day! Due to being bottle free you no longer have to worry about finding the additional storage space that is necessary with bottle coolers.

With our bottle free water there is only a flat monthly rate. This means you don’t have to ever worry about fuel surcharges upping the price of the delivery of your water and no surprise fees.

Environmental Benefits

Moreover, on a grander scale you are helping to fight against waste and pollution by making this switch. Each year it takes 47 million gallons of oil to create those large bottles of water. Unfortunately, 24 billion of the bottles created are ending up in landfills. You can feel confident in knowing that the water you are drinking is high quality as we always change your water filters out.

So make the switch today to one of our bottle free water coolers!
bottle free coolers


“Prompt professional service! I have no complaints!” -Heidi Behne Furnish

“When buying our house we came across some plumbing issues causing water under the house. Potentially dangerous issues with the hot water heater that even the home inspector didn't find. We called Shawn and he came right over, found the problem and got it all fixed. Very happy with the quality of work and amazing customer service from Shawn and his crew.” - Alison Clemans 

“Great service, very responsive (especially in emergency situations!) and always polite! We love our water system!!” -Davida L Gomez 

“Advanced Water Solutions are the best! They have been taking care of my water system for over 7 years. They recently installed a water softener, RO system, and a tankless water heater in my new home. Quick courteous service. I would highly recommend them!” -Linda Shoemaker 

“Advanced Water Solutions are always very prompt and professional. They always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right!” -Steve Lehew 

“Great guy, great company! Better than bottled water and it's straight out of my tap! No more hard water stains in my shower!” -Christi Hale

“Shawn and his guys are awesome. Have been using advanced for 7 years. Professional, prompt, courteous and outstanding service. Have had 2 systems set up at 2 different houses and Advanced was awesome. Thanks Advanced Water Solutions!!!!!” -James Langley 

“Noticeable difference in the silkiness and management of my hair. My skin is softer and less dry. My baby had eczema and it seems to be clearing in just the week we’ve had the system.” -Keri Ford

“My dishes have never been cleaner! My soap actually foams now! The purified water tastes great, and I am so thankful to have clean water for my family. The install was quick and easy- Will and Jason were so thorough and kind! Love my softener and purifier!” -Shey Anne Brown 

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