A Quick Tip for Safer Fresh Produce Prep

Do you wash your fresh produce before preparing meals and snacks? If you don’t already, you should. Foodborne illness can be spread through produce due to contaminants picked up in the field and various stages in the food production chain. Don’t worry, though, tests by food specialists prove that 98% of bacteria can be removed with a thorough wash under the faucet. Even better, it’s proven that clean drinking water is a better cleaner than commercial products.

However, if your water isn’t up to the purest standards, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk by ingesting potentially contaminated foods. If your tap water has excess chlorine, arsenic, lead, or one of the other common waterborne contaminants in it, washing your fresh produce is going to be less effective. However, we have a quick tip to improve your water quality with ease – a reverse osmosis system!

Residential Water Softener LRR and an Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis System in Laverne, OK

Reverse osmosis systems use water filters to take out any impurities in your tap water, leaving it in its purest, cleanest form for consumption and everyday use. Installed under your kitchen sink and connected to your water supply, the filtration system quickly cleans your H2O, ensuring it’s free from any free floating contaminants that may have entered the water on its way to your home. With an R.O. system installed, you’ll be sure that when you wash your fresh produce, it’s at its safest for you to eat thanks to the pure water you’ll be using.

Don’t forget to follow commonsense food preparation practices, though. Always wash your fruits and veggies, even if you’re removing the peel or rind, and remember to wash organic produce, as well. While you can use a mini scrubber to wash food, it’s also perfectly safe to rub with your hands under water for 30-60 seconds.

washing fresh produce

While R.O. systems are excellent for washing food, their benefits reach much further than that. They offer better flavor, clearer water, and more delicious coffee, tea, and soup recipes, too! Not to mention the crystal clear ice cubes you’ll get with filtered water. At Advanced Water Solutions, LLC, we stand by our water systems and ensure you’ll see a noticeable difference in your H2O after an install. Our multiple stage filtration R.O. systems are an essential part of any kitchen, so don’t wait to get yours installed.

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