Reverse Osmosis Systems

The reverse osmosis process is a safe, simple way to remove hundreds of contaminants from your water. Much less than the cost of bottled water and more environmentally friendly, RO systems are installed at the kitchen sink and treat tap water by filtering, trapping, and removing contaminants.

There are many benefits of RO, including pure, natural water straight from your tap. The myth that bottled water is better for you is simply not true, because most bottled water is actually RO water to begin with. While RO systems include some maintenance, the tasks needed are comparable to other household duties. Yearly filter changes and a membrane change every three to five years are a small price for the overall benefits your system will provide. Additionally, RO water truly does taste better! You will be able to taste the difference in your cooking, your coffee and tea, and will even see the change in your ice cubes, made crystal clear with RO.

So why choose Reverse Osmosis if you have a water softener? Each system plays a different role in improving your water. Water softeners are helpful for removing hard minerals from your water, but do nothing to purify contaminants like uranium, arsenic, or lead that may have entered your water supply as it traveled through the pipes to arrive in your home. RO systems rid your water of harmful impurities in addition to the sodium added by a water softener system. 

Although Reverse Osmosis does strip 99% of the minerals from your water, it does not affect your health by removing necessary minerals from your diet. Minerals in water account for an insignificant part of your daily intake as 95% of the minerals your body ingests come from your food. Your water is not the source for your primary minerals, however, it can be the source of an array of health problems if not properly filtered. RO systems give you the certainty of pure, healthy water and the assurance that you know what you are putting into your body.

Review our options and improve your water quality today with a Reverse Osmosis System.

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