Hard Water and Appliances

You may not know it, but hard water can affect your home in a negative way when the high content of minerals in hard water settles in appliances. Improving your water quality has many benefits including better health, longer appliance lifespans, and improved appearances of dishes, faucets, sinks, and tubs without those annoying water spots. Adding a water filtration system to your home reduces hard water minerals and deposits while preserving the efficiency of water heaters and other major appliances.

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Why do appliances using softened water have an increased life?
  • Recently, a study was conducted using washing machines and dishwashers. Each appliance ran for a total of 30 days, performing 240 wash cycles. They utilized both hard water sources as well as soft water sources during the study.

The appliances which utilized softened water exhibited almost zero scale build up. The report states with just a quick wipe down, they appeared as new.

Alternatively, a serious need for de-liming and intensive cleaning was necessary for the inside of washers using hard water. This was due to the build-up of scale and deposits.

  • Water heaters that use gas-based storage tanks with softened water were able to sustain an efficiency rating equal to that an original factory level of efficiency. This enhanced efficiency lasted for the entire length of a 15-year or lifetime guarantee.
In addition to extending the life of your appliances, softened water can also allow you to use LESS detergent!

Two groundbreaking independent studies show how this is possible with softened water. The studies were conducted in 2011 by an independent, New York based testing firm known as Scientific Services S/D, Inc. and funded by The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF). These studies highlight how individuals can use less detergent by installing a water softener.

Here are just two of the key results:
  1. The presence of a water softener reduces detergent use by 50% in washing machines. Additionally, energy conservation occurs by utilizing the cold water setting on the washing machine. Clothes were noticeably cleaner in comparison to those from the hot setting.
  2. Dishwashers using softened water were able to decrease detergent use by up to 70% compared to others in the surrounding area with high levels of hard water.
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