Water Softening Questions You Need to Ask

With so many water softening systems available, it can be intimidating to try and decide what’s best for you and your family without consulting a professional. Our team of experts is ready and available to assist you and answer your questions every step of the way, because we believe the more informed you are, the better decisions you’ll make. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that may help you take the next step to ensuring better water for your home.

Do I need a water softener?

If you have hard water, a water softening system is the only dependable way to improve your water quality and remove the hard minerals from your water. These minerals, whether you realize it or not, are damaging your home and wasting your money. They affect everything from your plumbing to your laundry, causing mineral build up, reducing your soap’s ability to work up a good lather, and leaving those annoying spots on your dishes.

How hard is my water?

Since hardness varies based on your location and water, testing it is a great way to find out. We do free water tests to help you take control of your home’s water supply and be informed about what minerals and impurities are tainting your water. Simply give us a call and we’ll test your water to give you the most information and advice possible. If you’re not sure if you even have hard water, just look around your house. If you have white, chalky residue on your clean dishes, a white film over your shower tile, are constantly replacing or changing out heater elements on your water heater, or see white buildup on faucets and fixtures, you’ve got a hard water problem.

How do softeners work?

Softeners are there to filter your hard water, replacing the hard minerals that cause damage to your home and appliances. Resin beads in your tank attract the water-hardening calcium and magnesium minerals, stripping them from the water, before sending the softened water through your pipes and to your home. Water softeners exchange hard mineral ions for sodium ions, leaving your water “softer”.

Are we going to run out of soft water during high usage?

Or conversely, “Do we need a big system for a small family?” We often receive this question and assure you that it’s very important to invest in the correct size softener to meet your family’s needs. If it’s too big, it will waste electricity, water, and salt, but systems that are too small won’t satisfy your needs. Talk to our team to learn about the best options for your lifestyle. There are many different options available for our wide variety of customers!

What is a softener’s average lifespan?

High quality systems can last for over 15 years if they’re maintained correctly. Our systems are worth the investment and you can rest easy knowing our experts can provide insight and service your softener systems whenever the need arises, so you’ll get the most for your money. Maintenance requirements are unique to each system, but our professionals can help guide you to a system that will match your budget and time constraints to suit you for years to come.

What are the benefits of a softening system?

Water softening systems provide many benefits, including shiny hair, clear dishes, appliances and faucets free of mineral buildup, and even healthier skin. Your dishwasher, laundry facilities, and plumbing will last longer, saving you time and money, and your clothing and linens will feel better and look brighter too! When you consider the far-reaching benefits of a softener, the costs are more than worth it.

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